A Place That Draws Me Back

So glad I’ve done “Writing 101” day one assignment finally. And I’ve even challenged myself by publishing this very rough writing exercise to my blog. This free writing exercise is a good warm-up indeed. Now I’m ready to enter the second stage.

Loosen Up My Mind

Okay. This is the time for free writing exercise. It seems to be difficult. What is free writing? Writing without thinking is difficult for me. I’m the type of person who always think a lot.

Trying To Catch Up

I have signed up for the “Writing 101: Building A Blogging Habit” program which has started for three days, but I have still not written anything on it.

Smiling Egg Tarts

Teaching a foreigner Cantonese is pretty good fun. That will evoke some laughs, and plenty of smiles! When we walked past a bakery shop in Shau Kei Wan (an eastern district in Hong Kong Island) some days ago, my new friend from Poland opened her eyes wide with excitement! Gosia, who had arrived at Hong Kong…