Loosen Up My Mind

Okay. This is the time for free writing exercise. It seems to be difficult. What is free writing? Writing without thinking is difficult for me. I’m the type of person who always think a lot.

My habit of writing has been editing continuously my own work during the process of writing. There seems to be some force that keeps pushing me continuously. I fear that I would make errors here or there. I want to make sure my writing is fluent, without grammatical errors, without spelling mistakes. And I want my writing to be poetic, beautiful, inspirational…… oops,  a long list!

Well, perhaps I’m too much of a perfectionist!

Bad habit

Now, is this habit a very bad hindrance to my writing? Have I lost a lot of creativity or even genuineness in writing because of this habit? Don’t know really. But one thing for sure is I can’t always write what I would like to write.

As this assignment points out, I have a lot of ideas in my mind, but very often it turns out the things I write out do not present a very accurate reflection of my mind. There are a lot of distortions, or filtering. Maybe it is necessary? I don’t know. But I believe being genuine is so important. If too much is filtered, I doubt the value of the product.

On the other hand, I know that’s something about art. We can’t say everything out so directly. Art is the balance between hiding and showing our deep thoughts. So, I have no conclusion for the time being.

Oh…… I have been free writing for 10 minutes, that’s good news! Sounds that free writing is not as difficult as I thought?

Somewhere without freedom of speech
Somewhere without freedom of speech

Okay, 10 more minutes to go.

I have a lot of topics in mind. I want to write about my trips. Malaysia trip is the first one that I’m thinking about to write. But before that, I want to clear up my mind.

The candlelight vigil last night is still occupying my mind (¹). I want to write something about that. Somehow it is the most significant event in Hong Kong that I would like to share with the world.

Besides, I remember my conversation with Gosia my Polish friend weeks ago. We talked about 1989. I said this is a very important year, for China and for Poland. I am jealous of Poland. Their democracy movement in 1989 resulted in freeing up themselves from Soviet communist rule, but our democracy movement in 1989 resulted in the Chinese communist party becoming stronger! So sad!

Although I have these ideas in mind, I’m not emotionally prepared to write about them in my blog. The emotions are still too intense.

Oops… time’s up! Free writing section is finished.

  1. The candlelight vigil last night was held in Victoria Park, Hong Kong, in memory of those killed in and around Tiananmen Square, Beijing in June 4, 1989. The Chinese communist government cracked down on the pro-democracy movement using tanks and guns. Since 1989, a candlelight vigil has been held in Hong Kong every year to commemorate the victims.

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